archery-leagues-rules-st-louisThis is an 8 week series, with a 1 week break and then the next league will start. On the last night of the 8 week series there will be an awards ceremony and provided dinner for all competitors.


Shooters will register on to shoot in the league. Shooters may shoot either Tuesday or Thursday night however this is all one league. Shooters are allowed to shoot a makeup round if they are unable to attend a night they are registered to shoot. In order for this to happen the shooter must notify Weber Outfitters staff via email or via phone 636-489-72123 that they are not able to attend and a make up shoot time can be scheduled with a match official.

The make up round must be completed no later than 7 days past the registered match date, must be during normal business hours, and you cannot make up more than 2 nights in an 8 week series.

Match Scoring:

Targets will be scored 4 targets at a time. Example: lane 1 top and bottom target, lane 2 top and bottom target will be scored by the 4 shooters. In the event there is a question the 3 shooters who didn’t shoot that target will vote on the call. The match official can be summoned to make the official call prior to scoring. In the event the shooter does not agree with the call of their peers the shooter should call for the match official to issue a ruling on the score.

Series Tie Breaker:

In the event of a tie there will be a 1 arrow sudden death shoot off closest to center wins. 1 new target will be placed for each shooter. The first shooter will be determined by the flip of a quarter landing on the floor.


In the event a shooter is caught cheating the shooter will be immediately asked to leave and will be banned from any future matches hosted at Weber Outfitters.

Individual Scoring:

The highest scoring shooter by registered division will win that division. The top 5 ranking individual shooters will receive awards.


Teams are defined as 2 individual shooters. Teams must be declared at registration or on the first night of the series and cannot be changed during the series. Teams must shoot the same division. Team Scoring: Teams will be scored as a combination of 2 individual shooters with the highest combined score winning. The highest scoring team will have their team name and individual names engraved on the Weber Outfitters League Board displayed on the wall of the range. The top 3 teams will be recognized.


Target (any sight/scope/stabilizers) Bowhunter (12” front bar, no magnification)

General rules:

No magnification for bowhunter classes

No restriction on back bars

Arrows no larger than 27 series

Bowhunter front bar not to exceed 12” from front of riser


Target used will be the 3 spot Vegas 40CM 17×17

Archers will have two minutes to shoot 3 arrow end.

We will be shooting a 30 arrow (300 round) – x will score as an “11”

In the event that two arrows are shot in one of the 3-spots, both arrows will count.