Meet Our Team

At Weber Outfitters, we believe your experience starts with us. Regardless if you are chasing whitetail in the Midwest, headed out west, big game hunting, or just plinking squirrels, we know that having the right equipment set up properly, gives you the confidence to know you are prepared for the experience of a lifetime. Time is precious, and when the chance of a lifetime hunt is at your fingertips, your gear is the last thing you should worry about.

Weber Outfitters employs a knowledgeable pro staff who are immersed in the outdoor lifestyle and culture, as well as being experts in their fields, and are ready and willing to help answer all your questions.

Pro Gun + Archery Staff Adam Weber

Adam Weber

The Boss

Pro Staff Shannon Weber

Shannon Weber

The Real Boss

Pro Staff Jessica Gulley

Jessica Gulley

Keeper of the Webers

Archery Pro Staff Josh Bickmeyere

Josh Bickmeyer

Bow Whisperer

Pro Staff Firearms Adam Stanek

Adam Stanek (Sasquatch)

Pew Pew Specialist

Pro Staff Archery + Firearms

Tilli & Della

Official Door Greeters

We are a state-of-the-art indoor/outdoor Archery range with a full pro shop for tuning and supplies.

Weber Outfitters is located at 31 Farm Lane, Hawk Point, Missouri

Offering a complete line of Archery, Ammo, Firearms, and Accessories both at the store and online.

Weber Outfitters was founded in 2022 by Adam and Shannon Weber. Adam and Shannon have enjoyed the outdoor lifestyle for many years while serving the community as first responders. Adam is the founder and CEO of Weber Tactical, a leading holster company founded in 2014 and has been involved in the firearms industry for many years.

Weber Outfitters was born from a frustration with big box stores and a lack of inventory that is available for purchase. The Big Box stores have little to no customer service, and getting an accurate answer about which gear was needed or would work best was hard to obtain. Weber Outfitters are positioned to provide the inventory and feel of a big box store with the customer service and knowledgeable employees of a mom-and-pop small business. Headquartered in Hawk Point, MO, we proudly serve St Charles, Lincoln, Warren, Pike, Montgomery, and Audrain counties. (It could be said that we serve eastern MO and Southern Illinois)